Lost in translation / Perdu en traduction

1zelda-ii-i-am-errorWhen the first Open Bar! user reviews rolled in, we were eager to know what players thought of the game. We read them thoroughly. We were encouraged by the positive comments and we learned a lot from the negative ones. Players were really good at suggesting useful improvements for the game. Even if we can’t implement all of them, we’ll keep them in mind when designing the next games. Unfortunately, we were not able to understand all of our user reviews since half of them were written in languages we do not know.

On Android, Google offers an automatic translation service that was not always very helpful. Sometimes, a lot of information was lost in translation, especially with Korean reviews. They all seem to find the game extremely funny, but we don’t know why. Is it because we have an amusing fail in the translated texts or is “funny” or “laughing very hard”  a way for Koreans to say that they enjoy themselves?

Then, at the end of last year, Skynet took over Google translate and the tool suddenly became surprisingly good. After using it a couple of times, we were impressed by the quality of the results. Earlier this year, I had an epiphany: I could go back to check our past reviews and finally understand what players tried to tell us. For the most part, it worked, but some of them still make me laugh. For your pleasure, here is a little compilation of the best ones:

badongZeynep Ada (Android), translated from Turkish

With one word… GREAT / AMAZING

I’m not sure about this one. Maybe the “one word” part was mistranslated, though it could be that there exists a Turkish word that can express both greatness and amazingness at the same time. Or a way for them to create hybrids on the fly to help define new experiences, albeit I always thought that only Chosen Ones and Germans were able to mash words up in that fashion.

Mr. Mango (Android), translated from Italian


Thank you. It means a lot to us to be compared to some of history’s greatest heroes. Playing Open Bar! and going to the Underworld to defeat a three headed dog with a serpent’s tail is pretty much the same. I will now transform myself into a bull to seduce unsuspecting ladies lounging in a field.

Кирилл Карелин (Android), translated from Russian

It is currently not a bad puzzle

fatal-fury-specialKirill gave us 3 stars, and this is a bold choice considering that people usually choose 1, 4 or 5 stars to express their feelings about something. A game can be good, really good or really bad, not two-stars meh. From what we can gather, Kirill is very neutral about Open Bar!. The comment and the review show a great deal of indifference. What is puzzling is that it takes some kind of effort to rate a game. Kirill must be dedicated even in detachment. Or maybe it’s impossible to truly impress him, like that teacher who never gives out A’s because nobody’s perfect.

Disciples of the Creator (iOS), translated from Japanese

Because it is a bar, music is like jazz, I thought if it was sorry.

This sounds like a haiku. I like the “music is like jazz” verse. The sorrowful end leaves you with an unanswered question. Truly inspired.

Samlee5854 (iOS), translated from Chinese

Review title : Brains

Review : Brains

This is our first and hopefully only zombie fan. Open Bar!, so good it brings the dead back to life! The mythical guy was right all along.

zw04KoshianDonut (iOS), translated from Japanese

The best time to kill

Don’t say that here, you’ll get caught!

emtime (iOS), translated from Chinese

This does not know what the problem is

It just has to rub the lotion on its skin, I guess. Nobody really knows what the problem is, but you move forward anyway, and hope for the best.

I just want to say Lv Lv Lv (iOS), translated from Chinese

Haha also Kazakhstan Kazakhstan ha ha ha

This one must love Borat, I’m not sure if he even wanted to get caught. From our perspective, written in Chinese, this review felt totally legit. Very nice!

*** If you speak Korean, please tell us: what is so funny? We want to share the giggles… Also, thank you all for those reviews, we are genuinely grateful for every single one of them. Cheers!