Today we tell the truth

We have not yet met anyone who managed to get the studio’s name right on the first attempt. In English or French, the difficulty remains the same. Some go for a confident “Ginger, is it?” Nope, you hopeful A-denyer, it’s Gingear. Others decide that it must be a hard “g”, like Top Gear. “Gin Gear, is it?” We tell them, “No, it’s a soft “g”, like ginger, except with an A. It’s simple.” Some just sneeze their way through it.

This is part of a diabolical plan forcing everyone confronted with the studio’s name to wonder how to pronounce it, hence dramatically increasing the likelihood of remembering it forever. Today, for the first time, we are revealing the secret behind Gingear’s name.

It was _________ all along! (fill with your favorite Card Against Humanity)

It all started before the creation of the company (and therefore before the choice of its commercial name). During several brainstorming sessions, we came up with brilliant ideas, such as “Bubble Games” (I’m a huge fan of bubble gum) or other clever play on words. However, every time we checked to see if another company or product had the same name, we found it already in use.

I then suggested “Wait For It… Games”, a name that was available at the time. Unfortunately, my business partner was not convinced. According to him, the fun factor of the name did not weigh heavily in the balance compared to being the butt of the joke were we to delay the release of one of our games. Personally, I found the name even more appropriate if that was the case, but hey…

We became aware that all the common words of the English dictionary have already been purchased by someone profiting from the resale of domain names (I’m picturing in my head Dr. Evil laughing in a cave). Which is when we realized that we were left with obscure words, like “Schwa” or “Googol”, that nobody wants for a good reason.

It means “trying really hard”

So we buckled down and tried to think of a word in another language that people might have heard before. “Totonka!,” we shouted with glee, one of the first words Kevin Costner’s character learns in Dances With Wolves. It’s nice, it’s short, it has pizzazz. Was the search finally over?

Hell no! Even though it was a misspelled Lakota word, someone had already bought this domain name (you should check it out, it’s not cheap)., with the right spelling, was also already taken. Proving that great minds think alike, the domain owner is a software developer.

The remaining option was to make up a name. We didn’t want to come up with something too complicated or “medieval”, like Gardakan or Mordak. We had to find a sweet spot between reality and fiction. That’s when we decided on “Gingear,” a mysterious word adopted by our circle of friends after ordering the strangest pizza in the universe.

Nightmarish Breakfast Studio?

The pizza was listed on the delivery menu with green olives, jalape├▒o peppers, and ginger as toppings. First off, the combination of ingredients is out of this world. More relevant to this post though, undoubtedly due to a typo we found hilarious, ginger was spelled “gingear.”

We immediately called the restaurant and ordered “the one with the gingear.” Thanks to this unforgettable pizzeria, years later, we still use this word to refer┬áto ginger, an awesome and very versatile ingredient by the way.

So, we figured that if other successful studios can choose the name of a 60 kg rodent, we could pick the name of the weirdest ingredient found on the most creative pizza in the world. And end the struggle once and for all.

P.S. The pizza was okay. Not delicious, but surprisingly okay.